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Guangzhou Daqian Decoration Co., Ltd (called Daqian Art for short), was built in 2005, which is one professional art decoration company providing turnkey solution for Children’s theme park / anime amusement park / theme amusement park / theme kindergarten / theme mall, our service including the planning , design and construction. As one of the leader theme park decoration companies, Daqian Art owns related peripheral factories: GRP craft factory, Hardware lighting factory, Acrylic plastic factory, Children’s park consulting company, and Internet based amusement media. ‘bringing art in to life, making commerce artful, making commerce lifeful’ is our eternal conception. Daqian Art keep improving, pursuit of excellence by continuously forging ahead and innovation for these years, and have finished the decoration for more than 1,000 theme parks till today, our client coming from all over the country. Under control of founder Mr. Sun Yibin, our art direction is not blind to becoming bi...
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Shenzhen fraternity founding conference held a victory
On December 11, 2016, shenzhen fraternity founding conference held in baoan district air city avenue south bank 6.To attend this meeting are: special guest lengshuijiang city hayward r s in shenzhen office director, loudi shenzhen association Deng Quan xiang, cold new shenzhen drives Zhang Hongming President, lianyuan no.6 middle school alumni association of shenzhen don what President and founder of the great art, Mr WuZhengJun, Mr OuYangJian, Mr Sun Yibin WuYun Mr Long, Mr Li Yanfeng and the pearl river delta region with member of hunan will more than hundred people attended the meeting. Society in a round of applause, shenzhen set up ceremony officially began.First of all, the President of Liu Changhong speech, this paper introduces a significant fraternity, and announced that association was formally established.Speech pointed out that: to the foundation of society, is the need of development, the aim of the fraternity is lets everybody together, to mutual benefit as a lifelon...
2016 - 12 - 12
The Tenth GTI Asia China Expo in Guangzhou Canton Fair Sept 12-14, 2018
The Tenth GTI Asia China Expo in Guangzhou Canton Fair Sept 12-14, 2018.Welcome to Daqian-art Booth 3T19.
2018 - 07 - 23
The 5th Wuhan International Game and Amusement Fair in Wuhan  International Expo Center,July.6th-8th
The 5th Wuhan International Game and Amusement Fair in Wuhan International Expo Center,July.6th-8th,2018.B4 site,B8805Aa.Welcome to visit Guangzhou Daqian-art Booth 8805Aa.
2018 - 07 - 01
AGI Amusement Game Internation Expo in Shenyang Olympic Center.Apr.21-23,2018.Main site,T06.Welcome to visit Guangzhou Daqian-art Booth T06.
2018 - 03 - 25
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The best quality hardware supplier
2016 - 12 - 16
The theme park based on ‘Colorful candy’: making the life sweeter , making the world more beautiful.Aiming at the curious psychology of client on the theme park, we keep trying to inspire children'...
2016 - 12 - 16
By people to explore curious mentality, and the pursuit of new things, using exaggerated innovation vivid modelling with audible and visible point of the combination of modern technology, interactive,...
2016 - 12 - 16
Theme design direction to create a space full of fantasy, interesting science fiction space scene, combined with the popular cartoon elements, form a complete set of sound, light, electricity and othe...
2016 - 12 - 16
Fantastic ice kingdom is one very popular theme at present, design is to integrate the snow and the amusement equipment as much as possible, to put nature beauty, polar light in front of all visitors....
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