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Manager General

 In Daqian Art, all my colleagues and me always keep theenterprise spirit of ‘Integrity is the basis, Innovation is the core, Pursuit of Excellence ’. I deeply realized, only the enterprise with integrity will survive, only the enterprise with innovation will become stranger, only in the process of keeping pursuit of excellence one enterprise can realized hers enterprise value and obtain achievement. Under this encouragement, Daqian Art always kept a foothold in the past decade, and also won the high praise from client and industry.

 In our company operation, ‘integrity first ’ is the personal principle we pursue. We win client’s integrity by our integrity, based on integrity each other, we won long term & stable development. We keep thinking in the view of our client, and we thinking more thoughtful, more long-term, more particular. Client’s satisfaction is our measure of our work.

Innovation is to development, ’innovation is the core’ means that, Daqian Art propose innovation in our work and life. Our development is the course full of innovation. We are becoming a mature enterprise in the aspects of company running, inner management, marketing, operation mode and technical improvement step by step. That’s way we can obtain the rewards from many different design competitions very year.

 In future, Dawqian Art will keep developing our accumulation, insist on technical innovation, management innovation, institution innovation, based on the advanced experience from home and abroad. Technical innovation will promote development, management innovation will promote company benefit, and institution innovation will finally realize branding.

 I sincerely hope to get the support from all the investors, business partners, and friends from home and abroad. I believe we will create classic one after another in our joint efforts.


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