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Guangzhou Daqian Decoration Co., Ltd (called Daqian Art for short), was built in 2005, which is one professional art decoration company providing turnkey solution for Children’s theme park / anime amusement park / theme amusement park / theme kindergarten / theme mall, our service including the planning , design and construction. As one of the leader theme park decoration companies, Daqian Art owns related peripheral factories: GRP craft factory, Hardware lighting factory, Acrylic plastic factory, Children’s park consulting company, and Internet based amusement media.

 ‘bringing art in to life, making commerce artful, making commerce lifeful’ is our eternal conception. Daqian Art keep improving, pursuit of excellence by continuously forging ahead and innovation for these years, and have finished the decoration for more than 1,000 theme parks till today, our client coming from all over the country. Under control of founder Mr. Sun Yibin, our art direction is not blind to becoming bigger, but always pursuing for higher quality and brand building, now we reach long term partnership with, Beijin Jiawen Magic Kingdoms, Shanghai Ibabyoo theme park, Guangzhou Kala Children’s paradise, Guangzhou Youhuibei Education, Chengdu Guosetianxiang Group, Shenzhen Wanmei Shijie, Kuming Datong Group, Chongiqng Children’s story, Guangzhou Changlong, Group, Zhongshan Zhiqu paradise, Wulumuqi Oluoba happy world, Wenzhou MiaoMiao children’s paradise, Changsha Fantasy town and so on, Which are from all over the country.

 For more than a decade, always adhering ‘service the market devoutly, client is the first, then strengthen ourselves’, we focus on theme park decoration. Under the design starting point ‘Creating innovational & sunny & fashion children’s theme park, leading parent-child interaction fashion, constructing sequentially profitable mode’, Daqian Air is one of the earliest companies has been absorbed as the member or president byChina Amusement Machine Association, Guangzhou Panyu Amusement Machine Association, China Decoration Association,Panyu Individual private Bss Association. Our decoration obtains the rewards from many differentdesign competitions every year.

Company profileCompany profileCompany profileCompany profile

 Future, Daqian Art will keep providing pragmatic service to our client, promoting industry innovation, creating more and more cost efficient & characteristic & humanized design.

 Daqian Art, not only the origin of happiness, also the creator of happy families.

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