Chinese people are used to enjoy the New year together with their friends, but can you image the grand occasion that many bosses of amusement makers gathered together, sharing the customs resource and business experience, discussing the further development of amusement device industry, and enjoying the wonderful performance and delicacy same time? On Dec./30, 33 enterprises initiated by Daqian hold the first Amusement Machine industry sodality together in Panyu headquarter of Daqian.After tenser's of invitation letters were sent from Daqian, many Amusement Machine industry leaders from Gua...
Release time: 2017 - 01 - 10
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On December 11, 2016, shenzhen fraternity founding conference held in baoan district air city avenue south bank 6.To attend this meeting are: special guest lengshuijiang city hayward r s in shenzhen office director, loudi shenzhen association Deng Quan xiang, cold new shenzhen drives Zhang Hongming President, lianyuan no.6 middle school alumni association of shenzhen don what President and founder of the great art, Mr WuZhengJun, Mr OuYangJian, Mr Sun Yibin WuYun Mr Long, Mr Li Yanfeng and the pearl river delta region with member of hunan will more than hundred people attended the meeting....
Release time: 2016 - 12 - 12
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(The diversified artistic correspondent Zhu Liyan, Luo Shili) On December 2, 2016, "in harmony with enterprising, create a better future" anime amusement industry welcomes 2017 New Year's day feast fellowship association (hereinafter referred to as the New Year's day) preparations for the conference held in the diversified art on the third floor conference room victory! The association led by general manager Mr Sun Yibin fills the art, collection industry joint venture 30 elite companies, aims to promote the exchange of industry., "says Mr Led Sun Yibin industry par...
Release time: 2016 - 12 - 03
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